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Looking to relocate to Africa or heal the body? We have you covered.

Africa Repatriation Consultation (Tanzania)

1 hr repatriation consultation with Tim Ford Jr.

We will discuss the basics and provide general information of how you can relocate to the motherland including important documents, daily life, the culture in Africa, repatriating with children, finances, generating income, visa info, & safety concerns. We will also be able to provide more specifics/contacts for individuals wishing to repatriate to Tanzania including realtor info, finding a place to stay, driver info, & vehicle info. Consultations will be held virtually by phone or video.

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Clinical Herbal Consultation (Online)

1 hr in-depth herbal consultation with Chavon Ford

We will cover your health history, family health history, lifestyle, diet, etc. in order to come up with a healing protocol which will consist of herbal supplementation, dietary, and lifestyle changes that will aid in your body's natural healing process. 

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