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We are the Ford family. We help our people invest, rebuild, and return to Africa.

My name is Tim Ford Jr and I share this platform with my wife (Chavon), son (T3), and babygirl, Ni'Yah. Born & raised in the murder capital of America, Memphis, TN, and now living in east Africa, my mission is to inspire my people to believe in Africa & themselves; by helping our people return, rebuild, and invest in Africa.

This website is an extension of our YouTube channel, "T3 & Me." After a viral popsicle video with my son, T3, the YouTube channel came about with the purpose of turning a moment into a movement; by inspiring more black Fathers to engage in the lives of their children, equipping fathers on how to support mom, and empowering the youth as well as older adults to unlock their true potential in order to bring about global transformation.

The channel now focuses on highlighting our journey back to mama Africa, and bridging the gap between the African diaspora scattered via the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and native Africans. T3 & Me is a popular & well respected YouTube channel inspiring countless souls to step up, elevate, and make an impact in their communities, while becoming a better version of themselves; and has been featured on Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey, Walgreens, & Ted Talks to name a few.

The vision for this platform is to share with you our repatriation journey back to our ancestral homeland in Africa, and pave the way for the re-unification of the scattered diaspora, and the native Africans. 

We offer repatriation services & communities, Swahili courses, herbal courses, and opportunities for investment in agriculture, tourism, and real estate in Africa. 

We are honored to have your attention and to embark upon this journey with you to nationhood, & the restoration, return, and unification of the entire African diaspora worldwide. 

If you're ever in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, we invite you to visit us at Fords Herbal Wellness Center & V-Steam Shop; the first international health & wellness center & vaginal steam shop in Tanzania. You will find 100% natural, handcrafted, herbal products and herbs, formulated by my wife, who is a Clinical Herbal Practitioner, and received a Masters of Science in Clinical Herbal Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health. 

Karibu = Welcome

Tim Ford Jr., CEO

Public Speaker, Author, Pioneer, Builder, Carpenter,  Content Creator, Permaculturalist

Chavon Ford, M.Sc.

Founder & CEO Fords Herbal Wellness Center, Clinical Herbal Practitioner, Teacher, Doula, Student Midwife, Author, Visionary, Permaculturalist


"Viral Popsicle Baby"



The African Americans Who Chose to Return to Africa

The Ghanian declaration of 2019 as the year of the return, was significant because it came at a time when African-Americans, in general, were facing increased racial discrimination in the US through civic suppression, police brutality and killings, social alienation through poor housing and health amenities, and ultimately the rise of Donald Trump and Trumpism....

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